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Eyelid Surgery (Eyelid Tuck)

An Eyelid “tuck” or blepharoplasty is a simple procedure that will help you improve those droopy eyelids which have been making you look older and tired.  In fact the eyelids can become so droopy that they will drape over your eye lashes or eyelids causing visual disturbances that can impair your vision.  Blepharoplasty can correct these problems and can improve the puffiness and “bags” under your eyes that make you look worn out and exhausted, making you look older than your age.
An eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty) does not remove dark circles or fine lines from around the eyes nor does it change sagging eyebrows or a forehead that has “drooped.” There are procedures and treatments to address your concerns about your wrinkles, or crepiness around your eyes.  For puffiness and bags, we can offer laser treatments, Botox, fillers, and camouflage for dark circles.  It is common for me to recommend laser treatment along with blepharoplasty.  You can have this done if the patients wants a tightening, and brightening of the eyes giving a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

If you want to know how a blepharoplasty can enhance and improve your appearance you first need to know how the procedure is performed and what to expect from the procedure.  Dr. Toland’s artistic guidance and abilities will help shape and improve your expectations.  Your skin tone, muscle tone, fatty deposits and general health will all play an important role in your final result as no two people are the same. Your pre-surgical planning and procedure will be uniquely individualized to your bony skeleton and appearance situation.

Let Dr.Toland give you “a bright new look, that’s natural.”  Schedule your consultation today to discuss your options to improving your appearance.  Dr. Toland has performed thousands of blepharoplasties over the past 25 years and prides himself on giving his patients individualized results so they can look their “personal best” while maintaining a fresh natural appearance.  It is important that you not have an over operated look which detracts from an overall youthful healthy appearance. 

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