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Face Lift Surgery

Dr. Toland is a Specialty Plastic Surgeon. Dedicating most of his time and training to the field of cosmetic facial plastic surgery. The first thing a person sees when they meet you is your face. All of us age, and as the years go by our skin begins to loosen, the continual pull of gravity causes our cheek skin to drop producing “jowls” and the skin around our eyes develop “crepiness” and crow’s feet appear at the corners of the eyes. The area between the eyes “glabella” and the forehead develop more wrinkles and give you an appearance of being “worried”, “mean” or unhappy. It is also common for both women and men to develop lax skin with vertical fold in the neck commonly called a “turkey waddle.” Exposure to sun, heredity, gravity, and the way you take care of your skin, as well as some personal habits contribute to facial aging.

Let Dr. Toland and his staff help you look younger and more refreshed but natural. All too often surgeons “over operate and the result is an over operated “fake or even scary look.”

Successful facial plastic surgery is a result of good communication between the patient and surgeon. We listen to our patients and develop both a surgical/and non surgical plan that allows you to look your personal best.

Is Face-lifting best for you?

We are all different and as such we have different bony skeleton, skin type, skin tone and ethnic back grounds that affect our appearance. Before deciding on a face lift discuss with your facial plastic surgeon whether the overall effect will be more successful if additional changes are made in the chin, neck, or other facial areas. Sometimes adding some fillers or botox or liposuction can make all the difference.

Deciding about face-lifting

The most important decision you can make about facial plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is what needs to be done to give you the result YOU want. Therefore, choosing your surgeon is of paramount importance. Come in for a relaxed face to face consultation with Dr. Toland and explain your concerns and what you hope to improve. Remember to be realistic in your goals. Dr. Toland will explain what type of procedure you need (full face/neck lift, mini lift, S lift, M.A.C.S. Lift or weekend facelift) All procedures depend on the patients and what you hope to accomplish and your inherent skin, muscle, and skeletal make up.

The consultation will be private and your current medical situation and health will also be reviewed. You and the surgeon will decide the type, the technique and as well as the type of anesthesia needed for the procedure.

The consultation fee will be applied to your surgery should you decide to proceed. So the consultation really costs you “nothing.” The procedure and anesthesia costs and all options and potential complications, though rare, will be discussed. Dr. Toland believes “The best patient is an informed patient”.

Toland facial plastic surgery has its own accredited surgical facility so we can insure the best quality care at the BEST possible price.

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